Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dim Mak EDC Mixtape!

No Techno, No Party!

Nadisko comes in with a HUGE mix of techno and electro, showcasing greats like Rob De Large, Modeselektor, Digitalism, and of course, themselves! Check it out and download it here:

French Electro Fiends!

Farleon's back with something new: his Millenium EP! Killer Arpeggios. Groovy Basslines. Definitely a banger! French artist, Gosteen, also proves himself with his dirty electro remix of Cedric Gervais chart-topping hit, "Molly." And, to finish it off! Drum roll please...a wicked remix of Justice's  2007/2008 hit: D.A.N.C.E! Check it all out here:

Check it out here:

Download it here:

Check it out here:


Today, we've got a treat for you from an electro-robot prince. Controls, a rhythmic android who infiltrates our mind with delicious beats, is back with banging tunes! His put up a preview of his upcoming EP, "Maximizer," and is now giving out a free download of one of the songs! Keep an eye out for what this dude - err, robot has to offer. Not much is known about him; here's all we have:

 I am Controls.

 There is not much I am allowed to say about myself without altering the future.

 I am from the future, the year 30XX.

 The human race is in grave danger, and I have to attempt to stop the revolution.

 I am human.

Trust me.

 49 20 68 61 76 65 20 6c 69 65 64 2e 20 42 65 77 61 72 65 20 6f 66 20 32 30 31 32 0d 0a

 Well, here's Maximizer! Download it here:


I. Scream. You. Scream.

This. Saturday.

Music. Silk Wolf. Spank Sinatra. Respire. Black Sunshine. Baels.

Fashion/Art/Culture. Kate Logan. Dax Exclamation. Team IϟYϟ.

No, this isn't I am Legend. Yes, the Bad Robotz are coming.

For those of you who weren't at Dayglow: Birmingham, you might not know about the Bad Robotz! They're a high-energy, bass-loving duo from Alabama and they're coming to Atlanta this Saturday! They've played with some of the biggest artists in the EDM world, including giants like, Dada Life, Evol Intent, 12th Planet, and much more. But, these guys are pretty giant themselves; their new mixtape says it all. They'll be at Rush Lounge at the Iris Afterparty Event with local talent. Open your ears and be sure to check out their facebook page too:

Hometown Hero Hit - Drivepilot Edition.

Remember Le Castle Vania's electro banger, Nobody Gets Out Alive? Well, Drivepilot just did a dirty remix of it and this is how we feel: WOAHHHHHHHHH. That is all. Check it out here:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Luci Briggs: Ripkillin' it!

This dude, Luci Briggs, seriously goes so hard. I've seen him live a few times and it's always been an experience. If you wanna enjoy yourself at a club, go see him play! Listen to his newest mix! It includes electro, dub, and moombah; he definitely shows his versatility. Anyways, time to rockout on my headphones. You should too! d(•_•)b

REWIND: Terror Dactel - DEF (Kid Cedek & Mr. Vega Remix)

We're taking a step back to 8 months ago and the release of Kid Cedek's and Mr. Vega's remix of Terror Dactel's DEF. If you haven't heard it, it's definitely worth listening too. It encompasses Kid Cedek's gnarly Moombah production and Mr. Vega's tight, hitting house. Here it is!

Street Lurkin drops a wicked electro house anthem!

Atlanta! Keep an eye out for electro thrash duo, Street Lurkin. Not too long ago, they dropped a massive tune for all you electro lovers out there: Communication (Original Mix). It's free too, so download IT, turn the volume UP and get those dancing shoes READY!

Laura Brehm - The Sunrise (Popeska & Hollidayrains Remixes) (Hollidayrain Bashup)

Popeska and Hollidayrain come together for a sick electro mashup! Very high energy remix collab between the two of Laura Brehm's tune, "The Sunrise." Check it out here:

"Careless shepherds make excellent dinner for a Wolf."

And today, we'll showcase one of Atlanta's best, Silk Wolf. Here's a little about him:

Silk Wolf is the current resident DJ of award winning Shelter nightclub, TOP FLR & The Sound Table in Atlanta. His diverse repertoire for sculpting sound extends beyond nightclubs however and has led him to play for numerous fashion shows, music festivals, art galleries and private showcase events for clients such as Christian Dior, GUESS Clothing, BCBG, Redbull, Skull Candy, Jägermeister, Belvedere Vodka, KIA Soul, W Hotels, and more. He's been featured in URB magazine, Current Television, radio stations internationally and even on the personal music blog of superstar DJ/Producer Felix Da Housecat. Currently, he's working with I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM music blog and events, Noise Agency, and his side project titled JAMES BONDAGE.

This guy is awesome. He's the wolf. We're his shepherds. And he just served dinner. Have a listen:

Contact him at booking [at]


Today, May 30th, 2012, marks the start of the Atlanta Electro Blog! It'll showcase some of the best well known and upcoming artists from Atlanta - artists who are involved in mixing and or producing quality electro, electro house, electroclash, electro funk, etc. Contact me at atlanta.electro [at] to submit songs and mixes, ask about promotion and advertisements, and collaborate on other projects!