Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Latest of Alex Mind

Check out Alex Mind's new remix, out now on Funkk Sound Recordings! A combination of massive arpeggios, heavy bass, and the big room house feeling is the best way to describe it. Get his remix of Montee's "Touch the Bubble" now:


October 15th/16th: New Dada Life Album Out

All the hype has come down to this. Only THREE DAYS until the release of the new Dada Life album. Are you excited? Listen to some previews:


Speaking of Drivepilot!

Our last post was about Drivepilot...well, we came across this from one of our new affiliates, À Tous! It's a mashup/edit of awesomeness featuring Sna-Fu, Drivepilot, The S, Redial, and À Tous' electro parts as well! Check it out and get your download!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pilot Driven.

Drivepilot, one of the leaders in the hard electro scene, just came out with two absolute, fanatical tracks: Modern Warfare & Vendetta! Hands down, they're amazing. See for yourself:


It's been a long time..since I left you...

Hey guys,

We had a long stint of no activity - we were dealing with a lot of technical issues whilst still working behind the scenes to improve some things on the site. There will be A LOT more coming soon, so let's start this off right with Atlanta native, The Geek.

The Geek just released his banging new moombahton EP (free download via his soundcloud), featuring tracks G.Y.F.O (1 gold star to whoever can guess the meaning!) and Faceless! They're dark, ambient moombah tracks with a hint of excitement. Get your download here! The EP also features electro remixes of both tracks by another ATLien, À Tous (who is our newest affiliate!). Get those here!