Friday, June 28, 2013

À Tous With a Huge Rework/Remix!

À Tous does it again. This time, he remixes the massive indie dance/funk disco track, Fast Days, by Surrender! Check it out what he does:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Can ya dig it?

Dallas-based producer, 7 Minutes Dead, really took this track in a different (immense) direction. Melodic journey/raging baselines - check out, "Delayed Friend Request"! Out now on Monstercat Records - grab your copy from Beatport!

Friday, June 21, 2013

New material (and a free download!), courtesy of Demon Groove

Festival anthem? Absolutely - check it OUT! Demon Groove's new track, 'Incisions', is packed with explosive, melodic breaks and electro rhythm! See what you think, here:

Odd Job - Modern V-Neck (Original Mix)

A huge new track. A huge new sound. Think Congorock. Massachusetts-based producer duo, Odd Job, delivers an immense hard-hitting electro track, 'Modern V-Neck' - straight off of Peak Hour Music records! Out on Beatport July 15th

'Back To The Past' - Alvino [Free Download]

The Italian producer, Alvino, gives the people a VERY impressive Electro-Funk sound - enjoy! He is definitely one to look out for. This one's up for free download:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

John Revox remixes Quentin Mosimann's, 'Pogo Pogo'

Let the drums roll! John Revox delivers an immense rework of Quentin Mosimann's track, 'Pogo Pogo'.
Out on Dj Center Records this July! Check THIS out:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ENCORE - Filipe Alves (Original mix)

'Encore'! Filipe Alves's new track just came out on Meta Recordings and will be available on Beatport July 1st. Banging electro led by raunchy harmonized riffs - see what you think! Check him out here:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Breakdown EP from producer, Ruling Toys

To be released on TRXX Records, the new EP from 18-year-old Brazilian artist, Ruling Toys, features two huge tracks: Aerobit and Breakdown. Nothing but high energy, live melodies, and hard-hitting baselines - definitely worth checking out!

Whatta Mask EP - Remixes

As many of you may have heard, the electro fiends, Cyberpunkers, launched a huge EP, called Whatta Mask, featuring tracks, Whatta Mask, Mad Armada, and Ogre's Ballad. As if these tunes weren't already big enough, Cyberpunkers have some massive remixes of their EP coming out from Cold Blank, Access Denied, Megastrom, and more. Check some of them out!

Time Eraser (ft. Brandon Smith)

Out now on Ultra Records, Time Eraser is one of Midnight Conspiracy's latest and greatest productions. Smith's beautiful vocals complement MC's high energy synths to create one helluva track. Get it on Beatport!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Gesaffelstein - Pursuit (Official Video)

 With Gesaffelstein's release of his new single, Pursuit, comes this official video. Very interesting, and a bit mind-blowing. What do you think?

Redial Remake From À Tous

Ever heard of Redial's track, Survive? Well, US-based electro artist, À Tous, remade the track..from scratch. Check it out!

New Material From French Producer, Dilemn

Launching in a week, Dilemn's new EP, Control Yourself, is a combination of heavy electro, drumstep, dubstep, and more - intoxicating riffs and funky bass lines to say the least, so be sure to get it exclusively from Beatport on the 24th. Check out a bit of electro from Control Yourself:

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Peep This Electro

Looking for more festival music? Electro group, Peep This, comes in with a big remix of "Rocking To The AM" by CZR, ZXX, and Paul Anthony ft. Malik. They've definitely got a Crookers/Gigi Barocco vibe, so check them out!

Hypomaniacs - Attack Soldier EP [Out Now on Freakz Me Out]

Just released a few days ago, Hypomaniac's 2nd EP goes super hard, keeping electro punk in style. The EP includes three songs: Attack Soldier, Strip You Down, and F U UP, which are all bangers that with a unique sound. Get it now while it's fresh!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Album Preview From Futurecop!

This just in - Futurecop! is coming out with an album this summer! Known for their lush synths and bumping 80s basslines, Manzur and Peter will definitely impress. Check out what they've got in store for your ears:

Holy Electro.

Newcomer to the blog - Wildpuppet - just released a bomb of a track with Atomic Zoo Recordings! Primal Surge is an epic mix of funky bass riffs (reminiscent of Far Too Loud), classical melodies, and massive drops that will surely keep you going all night. Get it now:

More on AutoErotique

Can't say it enough - AutoErotique is really working hard and killing it. Just released Asphyxiation with a music video, a remix of JFK's "Radar," and now this! Check it:

Ready For Some Robot Electro?

Out tomorrow on Telefuture, Garth Knight's new EP, Mandroid, comes out. A great mixture of 80's bleeps and bloops to say the least - but more along the lines of Kavinsky's long lost brother - or something like that. Definitely a good buy, so get it when you can!

Undeniably Botnek

With the a huge release on Wolfgang Gartner's label, Kindergarten Recordings, Dallask's EP, "Alienz," was already destined for success. Who knew Botnek would come in and utterly destroy the track with that beautiful bass line. Check it out, friends:

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Justice's Long Lost Cousin?

The team at Atlanta Electro has ALWAYS been a huge fan of french electro since resampling started becoming more and more prominent as music progressed. One of the groups who took resampling to the next stage was Justice - embodied in nearly all their early tracks are bits - microbits - of hundreds of different tracks that essentially put Xaver de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé in the limelight of the general public. You're probably wondering where we're going with this. Just have a listen to Uppermost's new album, coming out on June 10th. We're nearly speechless.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

MING & Umoon - Russian Rumble

Such a big track. MING and Umoon do a great job of creating a bass heavy, main room anthem. The atmosphere, vibe, and aura of the track - nothing less than incredible. Out now on PBR Recordings!

Huge Tune from Automakids

Dark and trashy. Simple, yet unique. Electro behemoths, Automakids, come in huge with their remix of Zilch's Nebula! Out for free via Soundcloud, the driving bass and ambient synths materialize together to create one extraordinary sound. Get it now!

Jukebox Nights!

Droptek kills it with some video game electro in his new track, Jukebox Nights! Similar to the style of edm giant, Savant, Jukebox Nights tells a story in itself. Dazzling melodies, pretty synths, and killer basses - what more could you want? Check it here:

A Good Case of Insomnia

It's been awhile since we've seen PARTYSMARTIE with new material on the blog and this hits the spot. They posted a new track, Insomnia, in the wee hours of the morning - looks like PARTYSMARTIE was "trying to survive the night" with this one. Check it here:

Friday, June 7, 2013

Love Is All We Got!

Out now on Plasmapool Recordings, Joe Garston's "Love Is All We Got" is a combination of funk, progressive melodies, and pretty synths that tickle the soul. Get it while it's hot, people:

Say Hello to Our Newest Affiliate!

Hey everyone! We'd just like to share with you that we have a new affiliate on board with us: Sound Of Vinyl! It's a pretty amazing blog, so you should definitely check it out. Here's a little more on our friends at SOV:

Bio: Mixing my passions for writing and music I created this Sound Of Vinyl blog. I study Journalism at University, I dream of travelling the world, writing for various publications and will have my constant supply of music to keep me going.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Morrissey and The Smiths, but have a lot of love towards loads of other music. It is the one thing I couldn’t live without. There is nothing more exciting than the new song from that hero, the new band that thrills, the intimacy of any live gig as long as you feel connected with the musician on stage.



One of our favorite posts from them is a critique on Daft Punk's new work, Random Access Memories.

Atomic Zoo Recordings [FREE TRACK OF THE WEEK]

Pretty cool, eh? Atomic Zoo Recordings is giving away a free track once a week, just for you guys! Here's the dl on that:

 "ATOMIC ZOO's FREE TRACK OF THE WEEK! Every week, Atomic Zoo Recordings will be giving away a free track! Some weeks, it will be an old gem from our library. Other weeks, we might surprise you with a brand new exclusive remix or a VIP from a big name artist. Be sure to follow us on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube (whichever you prefer) and check back every Friday to get your copy of our weekly freebie :) We will be featuring our favorite tracks from some of the biggest artists in the industry!"

 And for the fifth installment, we have Stepsonics - Bass Movement:

F.O.O.L's Change

Looks like Feed Me and DATA aren't the only ones with upcoming changes in the musical realm. Here's a message from electro giants, F.O.O.L:

"Today I'd like to request the attention of our amazing fans for an unpleasant announcement.

Due to both personal and professional reasons, Oliver will no longer be a part of F.O.O.L Music as of today. 

However I don't want any of you to worry, even the slightest, as this project means the world to me - which is why I would never do anything to jeopardize it, even the least bit. 

As for the musical aspect I can imagine that a lot of you will have concerns about the direction that F.O.O.L will take from this point onward, but you shouldn't. I've always been the sole producer of this project and I don't intend on changing anything moving forward from this. 

I apologize for the lenghty text, but it's important to me that every single one of you understand that F.O.O.L Music will always keep going strong for as long as I'm here to make sure of it."

Glad to know F.O.O.L will keep pushing out tunes! Check out this preview of his next track:

A Little Bit of Oizo Couldn't Hurt

Just found this gem of a track today - it combines Rampelberg's style with classic Oizo features. Ed Banger is the name, electro is the game. Get your download now!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

OriTzadok - Smackdown (Original Mix)

Newcomer to the blog, OriTzadok, brings you some heavy hitting, festival electro with his newest track, Smackdown! If you're into Vengeance, Zedd, or Thomas Feelman, you should definitely check this guy out!

SAGUEE - When I Said

Simple, but just what we're feeling for the summertime - Saguee's track, "When I Said," is a good mixture of summer vibes, funky disco, and dancy electro. Reminds us a bit of french house with a touch of the new. Thoughts, friends?

DATA Taking a Different Direction

It looks like french electro artist, DATA, or Veedah Salem, is taking a different direction with his music. Seems like a lot of artists are doing that nowadays (insert Skream's dubstep reference). Thoughts, friends?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Far Too Loud - Light Sticks

Off of Far Too Loud's new EP, Faster Than Light, "Light Sticks" is a hard-hitting electro track with a touch of acid (reminds us a bit of Vengeance!). Get it now from No Tomorrow Recordings:

Toxic is Back!

Coming out on Roy Music TODAY - Romance & Cigarettes by The Toxic Avenger. It's such a banger of an EP by the toxic man himself. Smooth synths, beautiful lyrics, and ambient textures hardly characterize his sound. Check it out now!